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These are only customers who have purchased a product on our web shop. They are contacted by Kiyoh after placing an order. Kiyoh is a specialist in customer reviews and has a partnership with Kiyoh is the only review party chosen by to facilitate the Thuiswinkel Waarborg Reviews. The reviews of our customers are left at Kiyoh itself and we place them on our website.
Kiyoh's review system invites customers to leave a review. To check and guarantee the reliability of reviews, they have built barriers into their system to ensure that the reviews given are from real customers.
Yes, both positive and negative reviews are posted, we as a webshop have no influence on that.
No, no paid reviews are posted on our website.
Reviews are immediately checked by the review system and are immediately posted on both the page on Kiyoh and on the shop in question.
A review cannot be posted if it does not meet Kiyoh's guidelines (for example, a review may not be false or fraudulent, nor may it be offensive, discriminatory or insulting. You can read more about this on the Kiyoh website and the guidelines for this are outlined.