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About Us

Personal and interested in you!

Re-Age is a new line of high-quality, high-purity nutritional supplements supporting your health during different stages of your life. Our products contain blends of key active ingredients, sourced from all over the world from organic and sustainable farmers.

Who we are?

Henk-Peter Oonk, MD
Henk-Peter is our physician and has a degree in Preventive, Regenerative & Anti-Aging Medicine. Together with Huib Klaassen, he keeps track of the clinical literature in search of the right, meaningful active ingredients for our proprietary formulas. 

Huib Klaasen, pharmacist
Huib Klaasen owns several pharmacies in the Netherlands.  Aging is his specific field of interest. For our products, he selects the ingredients with the highest bioavailability. As a pharmacist, he works with the manufacturing team to ensure that your products are of the highest quality & safety and comply with the GMP and HACCP Food laws.

Cees de Bondt
Cees has years of experience in distribution and supports our customer service team in the back office to answer any of your questions concerning our products.

Marc Duijndam
Marc is an online expert. He joined Re-Age after years at LinkedIn and Google. Working with Amazon, he ensures you have the best experience possible when buying Re-Age supplements!